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Freestyle Energy is a French brand created in 2014, by Jérôme GODEFROY, Freestyle Football and sports fan.

First, he wanted to create an Energy Drink exclusively for Freestylers ...


But finally a lot of people loved this drink, and now we can say that Freestyle Energy Drink is also for football players, athletes, teenagers, party animals, and anyone looking for thrills!


Faced with more and more requests from the Foot Freestyle community, Jérôme decided to create goodies such as t-shirts , caps etc ...



Faced with the enthusiasm of Freestylers and freestyle football fans, Freestyle Energy decided to create its own balls: first the EnergyBall , then the EnergyGlobe , the Triball , the Black Energy and more recently the Joga Bonito .


These balls are now freestylers, footballers and kids' best friends!


What's the next step?

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